1. Keep credit card balances below 30% of the max credit limit if possible.
  2. Do not open up any new loan accounts such as car loans or leases. This could drop your credit score.
  3. Do not open any new department store cards or credit cards. This could drop your credit score.
  4. Do not close any old credit card accounts. This could drop your credit score.
  5. Do not deposit any cash into your bank accounts.
  6. If you deposit checks into your bank account, keep a copy of them and keep track of what they Were for. Most non payroll deposits need to be explained to the underwriter.
  7. Keep track of any wire transfers going into any of your bank accounts and keep a record of where They came from and what they were for.
  8. If you plan to get any gift funds from family for this transaction please check with us before Transferring any funds or making any deposits into your accounts. Underwriters will ask for Sources of donor’s funds and paper trail.
  9. If you are considering changing jobs/employers, give us a call to determine the effect it can have on obtaining financing.
  10. Once in contract to buy and we start the loan process, you should let us know if you have any vacations planned and when you will be out of town.